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Jeans Tips For Tall Women

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Jeans is one item that is required by all and is a mandatory item that can be found in the closet of every person – be it a 16 year old teenager or a 40 year old working woman. Thus, due to the importance of this particular item, it becomes very essential to buy a pair of proper jeans. However, the kind of jeans that you buy depends on various factors like your height, taste, style, etc. So, if you are a tall woman who is looking out to buy new pairs, here are some tips for you.

Check the inseam – It becomes difficult for tall women to buy proper jeans of the correct length because most that are available come with a maximum of 34 inch inseam, which is the correct measurement for average heighted women. However, taller women need to check the inseam before buying as the 34 inch inseam jeans will not be of appropriate height. So, it is advised to check the length of the inseam before buying them.

Buy ones with wide waistband – Taller women have a torso that is longer than any average heighted woman. For this very reason, it is recommended that they go for wide waistband jeans as opposed to normal ones as it not only looks attractive, but also provides with the perfect fit.

Go for straight leg – Straight leg jeans is a great option for women who are naturally blessed with height as these create a look of linear proportion between the lower and upper halves of any tall woman’s silhouette. They not only complement the tall frame of women, but also provide a leaner look.

Try the boot cut – Boot cut ones are like straight cut jeans except the fact that they are flared at the bottom. They are generally worn with boots and thus, this is why they are called boot cut jeans. These are a favourite of tall women as they take the attention from the length and thus, it brings balance to the lower body.

Go for medium wash – Although most jeans are dyed blue and blue is a popular colour for jeans, it is recommended that tall women should go for medium wash blue jeans rather than the normal blue ones. This is because medium wash blue gives a more proportional look overall and thus; tall women should go for medium wash jeans instead.

Hope this helps.

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Fancy Watches You Should Have

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Invest in a quality piece of a watch! It will always remain in your wardrobe.

An exclusive array of the wrist watches is available in the market. From a single tone to the multi-tones, different varieties are there. It is good that an individual has so many options to select his favorite watch. On the flip side, with the increase in the number of watch stores, the fraud people also increase. And, it has become essential to find an authentic watch shop among the enormous options. Therefore, an appropriate searching is required.

Here are some points that will help you to find a superior quality watch. Let us go through them…

5 Tips to Find a “Credible” Wrist Watch

1. Purpose of the Wrist Watch:

At a very first note, do your homework. Identify the reason or an occasion for which you need a watch. As an example- do you buy this accessory to wear at the workplace? or you just need to flaunt your style in an occasion. In the other case, whether you need to gift it to your loved ones. Decide this factor first and then proceed further.

2. Establish your Budget:

After deciding the reason, analyze your money pouch. Make sure that if you want a luxury wrist watch, then set your budget according to that. Alternatively, if it is a traditional archetype, then fix the bucks according to that condition. But, make your pennies ready that you are willing to invest in purchasing a time-piece.

3. Conduct your Research on the Internet:

The next step is to initiate your R and D. None other than the online mode proves good to discover a reliable online dealer. It is a good option as you will take a look at a list of the watches with the comfort of sitting at your home. So, explore different types, brands, and prices of the time pieces and sort out your favorite ones. It will help you to extract a clear idea about the watch shops.

4. Decide a Particular Shop to Buy From:

You have confronted with many shops while searching an honest dealer. So, it is the right time to choose a single shop. Go through the websites cautiously. Monitor their products pages, testimonial pages, and the main home page also. Check out the experience also. These components will give you a better idea about an online seller.

5. Look on the Specifications of the Watch:

At this point, it is time to evaluate the features of your selected time piece. As a buyer, you have to look over its functionalities, shape, size, color, dial, etc. Consider each element carefully and then say yes to any piece. Don’t compromise with any of the parameters. It is better to check in advance.

Don’t try to skip any point. Proceed step by step and purchase an elegant watch.

All About Backpack Fabrics

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Backpacks are a versatile and useful way to carry a lot of gear when out and about. They are back-healthy if loaded and carried in the correct fashion and come in plenty of different designs and styles. A major difference in the backpacks is the fabric or material. This is likely to have an influence on its intended purpose.

Here are five of the most popular types of backpack fabrics:

Cordura Nylon

Cordura nylon is one of the most durable backpack fabrics in the market. It is a practical choice for use in rough and tough environments. This means it is useful for carrying heavy loads and even used by the military. This material is ultra-durable, abrasion-proof, water-resistant and light. Plus, it may be used to make the entire backpack or just the base of the backpack to give reliable protection.

Cotton Canvas

The cotton canvas is a basic type of fabric and highly used in manufacturing backpacks. It is regularly used in women’s fashion backpacks and children’s backpack where there isn’t a major concern for issues related to water spillage or abrasion. But, it is rarely used in the toughest outdoor conditions because this material is quite heavy and has a tendency to rot. It is a relatively inexpensive fabric which means it will continue to be used in a wide range of backpacks.


The nylon fabric is a great choice for making backpacks because it is easily treated to make it water-resistant. Nylon is easily combined with silicone or polyurethane to give it an extra layer of protection. The treated fabric is water-resistant and very durable, but will be slightly heavier. This is practical to avoid damage to items in the backpack in the event of being outside during an unexpected rain shower. But, the heavier nature of the pack means is it less effective at air circulation and can leave the back feeling sweaty.

Rip-stop Nylon

The rip-stop nylon is a fabric that continues to grow in popularity. It is fabric with heavy and durable threads in a grid pattern that is sewn tightly together. This helps to minimize issues with rips or tears. The grid pattern means that any rip is less likely to worsen compared to most other backpack fabrics. Plus, the rip-stop nylon is easily made to be waterproof and is naturally lightweight.


Leather is a highly stylish and classic fabric that is a popular choice for making backpacks. But, it is one of the more expensive options and benefits from proper care and maintenance.

How To Order Custom Shirts

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Whether you want to have a t-shirt custom designed for you or you want to design your own custom t-shirt there are different ways you can do this. If you are looking for someone to create a custom t-shirt, the first step is to find a shop that carries the color and style of the shirt that you want to order. Next, you will need to be sure that the artwork can be reproduced or designed according to what you want. Finally, you want to make sure that the price is reasonable for a quality custom made t-shirt. If you are designing your own t-shirt there are several different methods that you can use to have it done.

Screen or silk-screen printing

Using this method you will usually be required a fee for the screen. In addition, you will also have to pay for each color that you add to your custom t-shirt design. When using multiple colors each one will require additional effort and time as each color has to be applied separately. Each color will have to completely dry before the next color can be added.


The printer can be like the one that is attached to your printer making the printing of the custom t-shirt less costly and quicker. Some shops may use an iron-on transfer to ensure that your artwork is perfectly reproduced because it will be scanned to the computer and then it is printed on transfer paper. The drawback is that they may not last as long as a screen-print t-shirt.

Artist creation

When you have an artist create your design by hand painting it on the t-shirt the options and -prices will vary. Vendors who have booths at festivals or malls will frequently offer airbrushed, one-of-a kind t-shirts with anything from a design that is ready made to your name. These t-shirts look great and to keep them looking that way make sure that you ask about how you should launder them.

Print on demand outlets

This type of shop will let you upload your own artwork and print a custom t-shirt one at a time. You can order as many as you like and you can also set up an online store to allow others to order a custom t-shirt with your design so you can make a profit. If you are going to sell your design be sure that it is something that everyone will want and not just something that you like. One thing to note is that when you order a print on demand custom t-shirt that they are not cheap because they also have to make a profit. They also charge more for one shirt than they will for a bulk purchase.