Advantages of Non-Surgical Lipo

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Non-surgical liposuction is a new method of getting rid of body fat without surgery. Non-surgical liposuction is often for those people who have medical contraindications which deny them access to various medical procedures. This method allows people that exercise and diet to change their weight and body shape, especially if dieting and exercising isn’t working. To correct the contours of the body, non-surgical lipo eats away the fat with the use of a laser and ultrasound machine.

Non-invasive liposuction removes fatty deposits in the abdomen, chin, cheeks, buttocks, arms, back, hips, ankles. The benefits of non-surgical laser liposuction consist of:

  • Not violating the integrity of the person’s blood vessels;
  • Excluding the possibility of scars, bruises, and stitches;
  • The laser helps to produce collagen, which further aligns the surface of the skin;
  • There are no long periods of rehabilitation, as in the case of surgical liposuction; and
  • Minimal risk of complications after surgery.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which means that the painful and unpleasant sensations in most cases are completely eliminated. Results after laser liposuction are different. There are positive reviews of non-surgical liposuction, but there are also negative reviews. This is due to the fact that all patients receiving care must adhere to a dieting and exercising routine. The duration of such will all depend on the effects of the treatment provided. Those who follow the procedure to the letter could see a massive change in their lifestyle. Immediately after the procedure, it is not recommended to restart serious exercise routines, nor lift weights.

Non-surgical liposuction works by eliminating fat cells that are damaged, which starts by breaking down fat cells. These cells are then eliminated by the bloodstream, the lymphatic system, and the liver. Thus, the vessels, muscles, and skin are not damaged, mainly because their cells have a higher resistance than fat cells. Non-invasive ultrasound liposuction is called cavitation and is often performed in conjunction with general lymphatic drainage and massage – a procedure that kick starts the person’s lymphatic flow. In order to reduce the burden on the liver, it is recommended that a soft diet be implemented after the procedure.