Benefit About Eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses and sunglasses are an indispensable part of our modern life. More and more people are using them than ever before. The first reason being the cult following of celebrities wearing them. Second, major runway shows highlighting the accessories as a prominent prop. Third, High end fashion brands coming with their own unique line of eyewear. This all contributed to the rising popularity of these accessories. Also, the increasing number of usages of digital devices has led to the indispensable need to use this protective gear to safeguard our vision. It is now an essential gear for modern lifestyle.

Who needs eyeglasses and sunglasses?

The need of eyeglasses and sunglasses may vary according to your lifestyle. But there are certain things that will decide the regular use of these accessories. Few of them are listed here below:

1. If you have a faulty vision, they need correction. The amount of correction will depend on the level of faults in the vision. Lenses are required to correct the vision. Whether it is slight correction or require heavy correction you need eyeglasses to hold the lenses. Eyeglasses are easier to use, though contact lenses also provides the same correction. You will need them if you are suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness.

2. Your vision is perfect yet you spend 50% of your time using digital devices like computer, tab or phones, then you definitely need an eyeglasses with anti-reflective lenses. This will help in warding off eye strain and the side effects of it like nausea, headache, tiredness, irritation in the eyes, etc.

3. If you suffer from astigmatism. It is a condition caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. Where the cornea doesn’t allow the light to focus on one point over the retina. Some common symptoms are headache, eye strain, tiredness after extended use of the eyes. Anyone can be affected with this condition without requiring any vision correction for nearsightedness or farsightedness.

4. If you have crossed your 40’s, your vision is bound to deteriorate. You will start having trouble concentrating on up-close works like reading, knitting, craft, etc. Almost 100% of the adults above 40 years of age suffer from this. The only way out is wearing a readers to correct the vision.

Apart from eyeglasses, you need Sunglasses as well to protect your vision. Some reasons why you should use sunglasses are provided below:

1. Your vision may perform better outside with the use of sunglasses. People with sensitivity to sunlight or brightness should use them in order to protect their vision.

2. If you are outdoors very often then you should use sunglasses definitely. Choose sunglasses that blocks at least 99% of the UV rays. Because if you are overexposed to sunlight, it may lead to conditions like cataract, photo keratitis, macular degeneration, cancer of the eyelid, etc.

3. Sunglasses can reduce the strain cause while driving. The light reflected from the dashboard can lead to strain and tiredness.

4. Your eyes need extra protection if you are around water bodies or snow. The light reflected from the surface has a blinding effect. Polarized sunglasses can balance off the light and helps you see clearer.

5. For that matter, anyone who is heading outdoors should wear sunglasses as the invisible UVB lights are more harmful and can have an adverse effect on the eyes. This is especially true for countries like India, which is closer to the equator.

Why it is important to wear eyeglasses and sunglasses?

It is important to wear them to protect and support our vision. Also, it is important to keep eyes healthy with the intake of a balance diet. Wear protective gears while working, playing, etc., which can potentially injure your eyes. It is all the more important for kids to wear the eye accessories as nowadays they spend more time in front of the screen and as well outdoors. Popularization of video games, computer, and digital study materials all lead to increasing screen time apart from Television viewing. So, it is a must for children to use anti-glare eyeglasses to ward off the harmful rays emitted from such mediums. With the increasing the levels of pollution the penetration of harmful sunrays is even more infiltrated than earlier times. So, it’s always advisable that when children are outdoor they use sunglasses. Apart from all of the above it is advisable for kids as well as adults to go for regular eye check-up to detect any vision issues. Not only have they helped in detecting vision issues, but also any underlying health conditions.