Benefit Butt Lifter

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Women go to great lengths to get rounder bigger butts with some even opting for pills and cosmetic creams to achieve the desired results. Focused exercises are also used for the same, but the results are not always satisfactory. One of the quickest ways of fixing your butt and making it look as you wish is by using shape wear such as a butt lifter.

Butt lifters re specialized garments for firming and raising the buttocks. The garments keep the natural definitions of the body and can help the skin and muscles retain strength. They are made using special fabric that support and compress areas around the buttocks, and most are breathable so that you are protected from overheating or chafing when wearing them. Apart from lifting the butt, some styles are beneficial in shaping and slimming the waist, thighs, stomach and hips depending on the length.

Butt lifter styles

Supportive openings style – The garments falling in this category are lifters that have openings strategically placed on them so that the butt can pop through. Then then hold the buttocks in position and keep them supported so you have a better definition to look good in your dress or pants.

Supportive fabric style – This type of butt lifter has fabrics in place of the openings. The fabrics are designed in such a way that they provide you with a lifted, rounded and bigger bottom. The style is more comfortable compared with the open style for some wearers.

Padded pant style – This butt lifter style caters to the needs of those who are not naturally endowed on the bottom yet they want to look and feel curvier and bigger. The panties in the category have additional padding in the shape of a butt so you can get instant curves when you wear them.

The options

Butt lifter garments come in a wide range, making it possible for you to select according to what you find most appropriate and comfortable. Some are in jewel tone and others in pastel, some are lacy while others are silky and some offer extra support to other areas whereas some only concentrate on the butt. The lifters can be in the form of briefs, short shorts, boy shorts, panties or even butt lift jeans. The choice you make is largely a matter of preference, but it helps to know your options before you go right ahead and buy.

Buying the best

When buying a butt lifter, one of the most important things to check on the bands. The bands should not only be comfortable for wearing, but they should be strong enough to hold the undergarments in place. You should also ensure that you know your measurements so you can get the right lifter; the wrong size can end up giving you a look that is far from natural. Have your waistline and hips measured so you can get the perfect size for you. The prices can also be considered, but quality should always come first if you are looking for a lifter you can use over a long period of time.