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How To Keep Leather Bags

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A leather handbag is an exceptional and universally cherished object, valued by both the sexes. They are more costly than the fabric bags. Good quality leather bags can preserve their shape for years if taken care of properly. Appropriate care prevents the leather from cracking and drying out, and also safeguards it from too much of the moisture that can cause the skin to mildew or swell.

This content piece will guide you through the tips to make sure your investment last long and stay soft, reliable for years to come.

1. Store them at proper place: Store genuine leather handbag properly when not in use. They should be stored in a closet or other area with low humidity and good airflow. It should be kept at a place away from direct sunlight, as it can fade and dry out the leather. High humidity can rot the leather luggage.

2. Protect your bag: Guard it against accidental stains with a leather protectant. You can buy them from a drugstore or shoe repair shop.

3. Clean them: These handbags are susceptible to gripping of oils and greases. Wipe the surface with a damp white cotton cloth, but stay cautious in using too much of the water, because leather takes time to dry. Then apply a cleaner in a circular motion and wiped it off with a damp cloth. Soap should be applied only once or twice a year. At last, moisturize it with a leather conditioner to keep it supple. Some cobblers care for bags too, so you can visit the one providing this service.

4. Soften the leather with your hand: A bag generally become buttery-soft on its own, but this process can be sped up. Lay it on a flat surface and, start rolling it from the bottom to top. Re-roll it from different side of the tote. After this, you can turn it inside out and start rolling again.

5. Resist the desire to treat stains: Carrying your favorite bag all the time and everywhere can pose it to accidental stains like tint from grass, grease from food items, leakage from an ink pen, falling of wine, etc. Leather specialist can help you remove such stains without ruining the leather.

6. Waterproof them: By spraying water-repellent protective spray on the genuine leather handbag, you can carry them along with you in rain or high humidity. Although leather bags are already protected with such layers during the manufacturing process, but this additional protection will help prevent water spots and stains.

A fresh piece of bag has its own allure, but there can nothing be better than the nice familiarity of the one you had for years. But like any long-standing love affair, a little tender loving care is required. Follow the aforementioned tips to safeguard your expensive possession for very long.

How To Choose Perfect Swimsuit

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Women’s bodies are categorized in different ways. Some classify them as hourglass, inverted trapezoid and pear-shaped. But rarely do people use this categorization when shopping for swimsuits. It is quite easy to shop using a language that people use when talking about the human body. Regardless of whether you hide back fat, conceal cellulite or provide sufficient support for the girls, know that there is a swimwear suitable for you.

A Guide To Swimsuit Shopping

For those with a small chest, it can be very challenging to search for a suit that will flatter your bust. You best option is a top with ruffles to give the illusion of larger chest. You can also opt for one with padding. On the contrary, opt for bathing tops that come in L, M, and S. Be aware that cup sizes and underwire will provide the support you need so that your busts will not be all over the place if you take a dip. Apart from that, consider looking for thicker straps and double-stitched bands to achieve a more flattering result.

If you have broad shoulders, aim to balance out your body by choosing a solid hued suit with printed panels on its side. This will actually help in creating the look of an hourglass figure. You can also opt for an asymmetrical neckline as this will draw the eye up and away.

If you have a big butt, you must opt for a swimwear that has enough fabric so you won’t always tug for more coverage. Look for designs with printed tops and solid bottoms as this can help balance out your big butt. But if you have flat booty, choose one with frills as they deliver the illusion of a bigger behind. Choose also those with bright colors and loud print.

If you have compact, athletic body, your main aim is to give the illusion of more curves. And this can be done by using a top with padding and cups and those with bright hues and girlie prints. Stay away from straight-across bandeaus or shapeless full-pieces because these can only enhance your athletic figure.

If you have a short torso, add length and lift the bustline as this can help elongate your torso. Experts emphasized that low-rise bottoms will make your torso appear longer. Straps, on the other hand, will draw the attention to your shoulders and neck so people won’t skim over your short middle section.

If you are pregnant, it is best to opt for tankinis because they provide sufficient wiggle room, easy access to your growing belly, and sun protection. When it comes to getting ease of access, a two-piece can make going to the bathroom easily and quickly.

If you are a sun-sensitive lady, choose one that can protect you from the rays of the sun. Opt for rashguards. Be reminded that the long-sleeved tops are not only serious surfers but also come in fun, attention-grabbing prints.

Things You Should Know About Heels

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As a woman, heels give you a sophisticated, sexy look. When buying the units there are many that you can go for.

Types of heels

Stilettos: They are the highest heels you will find in the market. Most of them reach up to 8″. If you are short, the shoes greatly increase your height which gives you more confidence. While they are beautiful, they are difficult to walk in thus not ideal when you will be walking around too much.

Sling back: They are the ideal choice when you are looking for shoes that will give you some stability. Since they aren’t as tall as stilettos, they are easy to walk in. They are characterized by a nifty strap that hooks towards the back of your ankle.

Kitten heels: They are usually one inch tall and often very comfortable. Experts recommend them to women working in the professional setting.

Chunky heels: These are heels that are chunkier at the base. Since the shoes have a wide square base, they are more stable than stilettos. The medium length also makes them more comfortable to wear.

Platforms: They are almost as tall as stilettos but the base of the shoe is often thicker and wider. Due to this, you can wear the shoes and walk even for long distances.

Wedges: Also, often as tall as stilettos but have one chunk material that flows from the sole to the heel.

Mules: They were very popular in the 90s. They are still beautiful and you should go for them if you want to. They are characterized by their half open, half closed top which greatly increases their comfort. You can go for those with straps or those without.

Peep toes: Also known as flirty shoes, these units come in different designs and sizes. It’s up to you to choose the ones you want. For a great look when wearing these shoes, you should have a beautiful manicure.

Tips to consider when buying heels

When you are buying your heels, you should consider a number of factors. One of the factors to consider is the fitting of the shoe. As rule of thumb, ensure that the shoe you buy properly fits your foot. This is to make it easy for you to walk around. You should also ensure that you buy a balanced heel that distributes your weight evenly. Finally, opt for leather shoes as are not only long lasting, but also allow your feet to breathe.

Why You should Have Leggings

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Leggings are comfortable pants which you can wear individually or by pairing with other garments. They are available in different colours, materials and lengths. A wearer’s legs are kept warm and chafing is also prevented during work outs. They have wide variety of patterns and designs and they are made for all body types.

Do Consult A Sizing Chart – A sizing chart should always be consulted when buying. Size charts are offered by designers to customers. You can consult the size chart according to your preference. Size of waist and hips should be measured to get the exact size.

Do Try On Similar Leggings – Visit department stores in your locality before buying. You must try some pairs to get the actual size and comfort.

Do Consider Legging Material – You can pair leggings with different types of outfits. So, the material should be considered when buying. Spandex blend or Lycra is often used. Silk, wool, cotton, lace and other fabrics are also used to form stretchy ones.

Do Consider Length – Leggings are available in different lengths. Length is considered according to the wearer’s personal preference. Stirrup, knee-length, capri and ankle-length are different lengths that are popular.

Do Consider Body Type – The body type should be considered when buying. According to the body shape, the colour should also be considered. All body types are flattered by dark-coloured ones, as they provide slimming effect.

Do Wear them For Work Out – Leggings are the best fitness wear because of their light-weight and aerodynamic property. Wear them underneath other workout gear during exercise. Synthetic materials are used to make exercise wear.

Don’t Ignore Comfort – Never compromise with your comfort when buying leggings. They are available in different prices. An elastic waistband is featured and they are made to provide comfort to the wearers.

Don’t Confuse Tights For Leggings – Though leggings and tights look similar, but they are very different from each other. Thinner material is used to make tights. Tights are generally winter garments, whereas leggings can be worn throughout the year. Close attention to detail should be paid when buying.

Best Tops To Wear With Leggings – You can pair your leggings with long sweaters, tunics or other types of tops. You can also wear denim ones other than regular cotton leggings. Wear waist-level crop top with them and do not forget to tuck-in.

Buy a perfect pair of leggings for yourself to look stylish. Though choosing a right pair is tricky, follow the given tips to buy the perfect one.

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Jeans Tips For Tall Women

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Jeans is one item that is required by all and is a mandatory item that can be found in the closet of every person – be it a 16 year old teenager or a 40 year old working woman. Thus, due to the importance of this particular item, it becomes very essential to buy a pair of proper jeans. However, the kind of jeans that you buy depends on various factors like your height, taste, style, etc. So, if you are a tall woman who is looking out to buy new pairs, here are some tips for you.

Check the inseam – It becomes difficult for tall women to buy proper jeans of the correct length because most that are available come with a maximum of 34 inch inseam, which is the correct measurement for average heighted women. However, taller women need to check the inseam before buying as the 34 inch inseam jeans will not be of appropriate height. So, it is advised to check the length of the inseam before buying them.

Buy ones with wide waistband – Taller women have a torso that is longer than any average heighted woman. For this very reason, it is recommended that they go for wide waistband jeans as opposed to normal ones as it not only looks attractive, but also provides with the perfect fit.

Go for straight leg – Straight leg jeans is a great option for women who are naturally blessed with height as these create a look of linear proportion between the lower and upper halves of any tall woman’s silhouette. They not only complement the tall frame of women, but also provide a leaner look.

Try the boot cut – Boot cut ones are like straight cut jeans except the fact that they are flared at the bottom. They are generally worn with boots and thus, this is why they are called boot cut jeans. These are a favourite of tall women as they take the attention from the length and thus, it brings balance to the lower body.

Go for medium wash – Although most jeans are dyed blue and blue is a popular colour for jeans, it is recommended that tall women should go for medium wash blue jeans rather than the normal blue ones. This is because medium wash blue gives a more proportional look overall and thus; tall women should go for medium wash jeans instead.

Hope this helps.

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Fancy Watches You Should Have

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Invest in a quality piece of a watch! It will always remain in your wardrobe.

An exclusive array of the wrist watches is available in the market. From a single tone to the multi-tones, different varieties are there. It is good that an individual has so many options to select his favorite watch. On the flip side, with the increase in the number of watch stores, the fraud people also increase. And, it has become essential to find an authentic watch shop among the enormous options. Therefore, an appropriate searching is required.

Here are some points that will help you to find a superior quality watch. Let us go through them…

5 Tips to Find a “Credible” Wrist Watch

1. Purpose of the Wrist Watch:

At a very first note, do your homework. Identify the reason or an occasion for which you need a watch. As an example- do you buy this accessory to wear at the workplace? or you just need to flaunt your style in an occasion. In the other case, whether you need to gift it to your loved ones. Decide this factor first and then proceed further.

2. Establish your Budget:

After deciding the reason, analyze your money pouch. Make sure that if you want a luxury wrist watch, then set your budget according to that. Alternatively, if it is a traditional archetype, then fix the bucks according to that condition. But, make your pennies ready that you are willing to invest in purchasing a time-piece.

3. Conduct your Research on the Internet:

The next step is to initiate your R and D. None other than the online mode proves good to discover a reliable online dealer. It is a good option as you will take a look at a list of the watches with the comfort of sitting at your home. So, explore different types, brands, and prices of the time pieces and sort out your favorite ones. It will help you to extract a clear idea about the watch shops.

4. Decide a Particular Shop to Buy From:

You have confronted with many shops while searching an honest dealer. So, it is the right time to choose a single shop. Go through the websites cautiously. Monitor their products pages, testimonial pages, and the main home page also. Check out the experience also. These components will give you a better idea about an online seller.

5. Look on the Specifications of the Watch:

At this point, it is time to evaluate the features of your selected time piece. As a buyer, you have to look over its functionalities, shape, size, color, dial, etc. Consider each element carefully and then say yes to any piece. Don’t compromise with any of the parameters. It is better to check in advance.

Don’t try to skip any point. Proceed step by step and purchase an elegant watch.

All About Backpack Fabrics

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Backpacks are a versatile and useful way to carry a lot of gear when out and about. They are back-healthy if loaded and carried in the correct fashion and come in plenty of different designs and styles. A major difference in the backpacks is the fabric or material. This is likely to have an influence on its intended purpose.

Here are five of the most popular types of backpack fabrics:

Cordura Nylon

Cordura nylon is one of the most durable backpack fabrics in the market. It is a practical choice for use in rough and tough environments. This means it is useful for carrying heavy loads and even used by the military. This material is ultra-durable, abrasion-proof, water-resistant and light. Plus, it may be used to make the entire backpack or just the base of the backpack to give reliable protection.

Cotton Canvas

The cotton canvas is a basic type of fabric and highly used in manufacturing backpacks. It is regularly used in women’s fashion backpacks and children’s backpack where there isn’t a major concern for issues related to water spillage or abrasion. But, it is rarely used in the toughest outdoor conditions because this material is quite heavy and has a tendency to rot. It is a relatively inexpensive fabric which means it will continue to be used in a wide range of backpacks.


The nylon fabric is a great choice for making backpacks because it is easily treated to make it water-resistant. Nylon is easily combined with silicone or polyurethane to give it an extra layer of protection. The treated fabric is water-resistant and very durable, but will be slightly heavier. This is practical to avoid damage to items in the backpack in the event of being outside during an unexpected rain shower. But, the heavier nature of the pack means is it less effective at air circulation and can leave the back feeling sweaty.

Rip-stop Nylon

The rip-stop nylon is a fabric that continues to grow in popularity. It is fabric with heavy and durable threads in a grid pattern that is sewn tightly together. This helps to minimize issues with rips or tears. The grid pattern means that any rip is less likely to worsen compared to most other backpack fabrics. Plus, the rip-stop nylon is easily made to be waterproof and is naturally lightweight.


Leather is a highly stylish and classic fabric that is a popular choice for making backpacks. But, it is one of the more expensive options and benefits from proper care and maintenance.

How To Order Custom Shirts

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Whether you want to have a t-shirt custom designed for you or you want to design your own custom t-shirt there are different ways you can do this. If you are looking for someone to create a custom t-shirt, the first step is to find a shop that carries the color and style of the shirt that you want to order. Next, you will need to be sure that the artwork can be reproduced or designed according to what you want. Finally, you want to make sure that the price is reasonable for a quality custom made t-shirt. If you are designing your own t-shirt there are several different methods that you can use to have it done.

Screen or silk-screen printing

Using this method you will usually be required a fee for the screen. In addition, you will also have to pay for each color that you add to your custom t-shirt design. When using multiple colors each one will require additional effort and time as each color has to be applied separately. Each color will have to completely dry before the next color can be added.


The printer can be like the one that is attached to your printer making the printing of the custom t-shirt less costly and quicker. Some shops may use an iron-on transfer to ensure that your artwork is perfectly reproduced because it will be scanned to the computer and then it is printed on transfer paper. The drawback is that they may not last as long as a screen-print t-shirt.

Artist creation

When you have an artist create your design by hand painting it on the t-shirt the options and -prices will vary. Vendors who have booths at festivals or malls will frequently offer airbrushed, one-of-a kind t-shirts with anything from a design that is ready made to your name. These t-shirts look great and to keep them looking that way make sure that you ask about how you should launder them.

Print on demand outlets

This type of shop will let you upload your own artwork and print a custom t-shirt one at a time. You can order as many as you like and you can also set up an online store to allow others to order a custom t-shirt with your design so you can make a profit. If you are going to sell your design be sure that it is something that everyone will want and not just something that you like. One thing to note is that when you order a print on demand custom t-shirt that they are not cheap because they also have to make a profit. They also charge more for one shirt than they will for a bulk purchase.

Guide To Choose Denim Skirt

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Denim shirts have a wide range of varieties available in the stores. But you should know how to select the right one for yourself. Your body shape, taste and current fashion trends are the basic factors on which the selection of your skirt depends. A full line of fashionable and classy denim skirts are available in the market.

How unique?

The fashion market is recently overflowed with large variety of denim skirts of different shapes, designs and sizes. You can easily select one for yourself by considering your body shape and age.

You can wear them fashionably and comfortably in any type of weather. You can keep yourself warm in cold weather by adding a warm sweater, tights and heeled boots with your skirt. In hot weather, you can keep yourself as cool as pleasant spring breeze by wearing a flimsy sleeves shirt and strappy sandals with your skirt. Both long and short skirts are available with a button or zip to adjust the length according to the weather. Even after repeated wearing and washing, they will retain their original shape and last long.

Characteristics of denim skirts are discussed as follows –

• They are available in different ranges of price. You have to plan a budget under which you can select a skirt. You also have to match the shape and configuration of the denim skirt as per your financial plan. The main difference between an expensive skirt and a cheap one is the quality of fabric. Buy a little expensive one so that it can last long.
• They can be worn on different occasions just by changing your accessories. You can add formal footwear, some pearl gems and a light shaded formal shirt with your denim skirt for an official event. You can wear gold or platinum neckpiece or earrings with it for events like a birthday party or a marriage.
• The denim skirt is in fashion market for a long period of time. So, you can buy it without the tension of its invalidity in the fashion world.
• You don’t have to worry about the similarity of your dressing with another lady because a denim skirt can never be imitated. If someone wears it just like you, the accessories worn will never match. Not only accessories, the top, nail paints and footwear will also be different in this case.

Consider all these factors to wear denim skirt like a true fashionista.

History Of Men Swimwear

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Men’s swimwear has certainly changed over the years and what men wore in the beach in the 1900s was a far cry from the stylish Saul men’s shorts from Independent Leaders that the Made In Chelsea star Ryan Libbey was seen wearing recently. In fact, Ryan Libbey’s recent choice of beachwear was quite modest when compared to the skimpy briefs of the 1970s. Here’s a rundown of just how much men’s swimwear has changed over the years.


In 1915, men’s attire for a day at the beach looked more like underwear than it did a bathing costume. Modesty and decency were still high on the agenda back then, so men were covered from their thighs to their neck, and along their arms, by one-piece bathing suits that left absolutely everything to the imagination.


By 1925, thing’s had begun to lighten up a bit, but only a little bit. Men exposing their arms on the beach became acceptable, so the tank-top look became the big thing in men’s swimwear. Down on the bottom half, things got a little freer too, as men’s swim shorts became looser and a bit higher up the leg.

1930s and 1940s

In the 1930s, things definitely began to loosen up, as it finally became legal for men to take their shirts off on the beach! In the 1930s and 1940s, men’s beachwear shorts were actually shorter on the leg than they commonly are today. The colour of men’s swimwear in this period, though, still remained fairly subdued.

1950s and 1960s

In the 1950s and 1960s new, materials, such as spandex and rayon, came into fashion, so men’s swimwear got tighter, as well as a little bit shorter. Things also got a lot more colourful, with brightly coloured and patterned swimming shorts.

1970s and 1980s

The 1970s was the definitely the decade of briefs on the beach for men and they were as colourful and funky as they were small. That trend didn’t last for as long as you might have thought, though, because in the 80s, comfortable boxer short style beachwear was back.


Men’s Swimwear gravitated downwards again in the 1990s, when Hawaiian style shorts were the thing to be seen wearing on the beach, along with the ever-present pookah shell necklace to go with them, of course.

Early 2000s

As the recession bit in the early 2000s, so fashion became a bit more understated. The garish colours of Hawaiian beach shorts went out and mono-colour men’s swimwear became the norm.


Today, men’s swimmer has a distinctly Brazilian feel to it. It’s colourful, it’s comfortable and it’s actually quite modest too. It’s definitely got the feel of carefree, fun-filled, holidays in the sun and a free-spirited lifestyle.

So, from covering up in the 1900s, through tight, uncomfortable, and way too revealing, speedos in the 1970s, to the relaxed and free-spirited feel of the late 2000s, men’s swimwear certainly has come through quite an evolution. It makes you wonder what kind of beachwear reality show celebrities like Ryan Libbey will be wearing next.