Office Mats That Protect Floors and People

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Offices use floor mats differently than how they are used in a commercial kitchen or industrial area. In those spaces the mats are almost strictly for protection against slipping and to reduce fatigue. The mats must be easy to clean and designed to withstand constant water exposure. In an office there are several ways that mats provide assistance.

Keeping Floors Safe

Many offices have polished hard wood floors or tiles that can suffer scratches, gouges and a worn out finish if they do not have mats where the most foot traffic comes through. Runner mats, door mats and other area rugs protect these areas.

Preventing Chair Movement

Desk mats make it easy to slide office chairs in and out as needed, but they prevent uncontrolled rolling that is distracting for workers. Mats provide just enough traction when weight is placed into the chair that it helps to hold the chair in place. Some of the mats have rubber or plastic studs on the bottom to hold them solidly to carpeted floors and others are smooth on both sides.

Reducing Traffic Noise

Runner rugs and area rugs also help to quiet the noise made by hard-soled shoes on solid flooring. The sound is overwhelming when there are numerous people walking through at once. It becomes a distraction for people trying to concentrate and may make it difficult for people to hear clearly when speaking on the phone.

Benefiting Tired Workers

This reason is one that is shared with other types of work environments. Even in offices there are many people that spend a lot of their time standing in one area. This includes front desk reception staff and even some graphic designers and others that find their work is easier to complete when they are standing. Anti-fatigue mats provide shock absorption and improve circulation thanks to their cushioned design.

Choosing the best mats for your office is easy by using the ones designed specifically for a certain need. In addition, only use ones that are durable, made with beveled edges to prevent tripping and backed with a material that will keep them in place. Any mat that buckles, folds or rolls will cause accidents and prevent desk chairs from moving around easily.